Automation technology for the fieldbus CAN since 1993

Since 1993 EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche develops, produces and distributes products for CAN based automation and equips projects all over the world.

Wide range of standard CAN products


With our wide product range of active and passive pc interfaces, e.g. CAN USB adapters, or CAN converters for PCI- or PCI Express slots and Ethernet, PC104, ISA, the parallel printer port and fibre optics we are able to satisfy almost all customer requirements.

Additionally we offer different gateway types, which can handle the connection between two CAN networks or convert messages from a serial bus to CAN. Also conversions from CAN over Ethernet are possible. Beside that there are also devices able to do automation on their own (e.g. a CANopen master).

Network technology

The already mentioned interfaces, converters and cards for CAN, which make it easy to find an interfacing possibility to your personal computer (USB, PCI, PCI express, Ethernet, ISA, serial, parallel) are supplemented by our CAN repeaters and gateways or our devices for decentralized automation

There are not only the simple single-line CAN repeaters, we give you the ability to design your CAN network with star topology. With our 8-channel CAN star repeater you are enabled to connect up to 24 stubs plugged at three cascaded repeaters with only one power source..

Application specific product development

For the development of applications by the customer, the development kit for Linux and Windows is a useful and flexible utility. There are also special embedded development kits for the CAN to CAN gateway with message filtering and baudrate conversion or the Ethernet to CAN gateway with a Linux operating system.

Customer care and project specific support

We are also able to fulfill almost every special customer requirements regarding new development or adaptation of already existing platforms. We support our customers by phone, email or on site and help them to get their CAN networks up and running or assist in detecting and solving errors.

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