Produktbild: CAN PC card for PC-CARD Slot, Notebooks, Laptops, 2 channels
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Ordering information:
CPC-Card/SJA1000 Pin-Out10-01-216-20

PC-Card CAN Interface CPC–Card

Special Features

  • Passive CAN interface for PC-Card Slots (Type II)
  • Two CAN channels, equipped with CAN controller NXP SJA1000
  • Changeable physical connection, standard transceiver ISO11898
  • Development kits for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux available


CPC–Card is a CAN interface for PC-Card (former PCMCIA) slots. CPC–Card can be used for mobile applications in notebook computers as well as with PC-Card host adapters in desktop PCs. CPC–Card applies the widely used CAN controllers SJA1000 from NXP for the CAN interface and maps them directly into the PC memory address space. Due to this feature the adaption of software written for other CAN interfaces with the same controller is considerably simplified. During the development of CPC–Card ease of installation was a major design consideration: CPC–Card is automatically configured by generic enablers (included in modern PC-Card software) when connected during operation. Since CPC–Card is applicable in desktop PCs and notebooks, it qualifies as a common hardware base for mobile and stationary operation, even the alternate use is possible through the easy insertion. Hence, as important benefits follow increased flexibility and the possibility to use the same software on both platforms.

Technical Data

Layout and connection

The bus interface is realized through D-Sub 9 connectors with pin assignment complying to CiA DS-102 standard.

Pin 1 Reserved by CiA
Pin 2 CAN_L CAN_L bus line (dominant low)
Pin 3 Gnd Ground
Pin 4 Reserved by CiA
Pin 5 Reserved by CiA
Pin 6 (Gnd) Optional ground, internally connected to pin 3
Pin 7 CAN_H CAN_H bus line (dominant high)
Pin 8 Reserved by CiA (error signal)
Pin 9 V+CAN CAN bus supply voltage (not used in standard version)


CPC–Card is automatically configured by generic enablers (tested for Card-Services from Award and System-Soft) that are part of modern host software for PC-Card adapters. After the configuration CPC–Card behaves like a plug in board for the AT bus.

Programming Interface

CPC–Card uses an area in the PC memory address space to access a set of control registers and the two CAN controllers. For the reception of the messages an internal interrupt channel is available.

Scope of Delivery

  • CPC–Card
  • Adapting cable
  • User Manual
  • Sample application for MS-DOS
  • proCANtool CAN-Monitor for operating systems Windows 2000/XP/Vista