Hoogendoorn Growth Management is one of the leading companies in the field of greenhouse management. The EtherCAN/ARM7 from EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche enables the communication between central green house management and the distributed CANopen sensors and actors in Hoogendoorn greenhouses.


CANopen in Greenhouse Management

Hoogendoorn Growth Management is one of the leading companies in the field of greenhouse management. For horticultural companies controlling the climate in their greenhouse it is essential to secure a high production volume. For every plant there is an optimal environment, which can be described as a combination of air temperature, air humidity, CO² level and light. If these factors are not controlled correctly the risk of disease and pest infestation increases. Hoogendoorn has developed the iSii process computer to coordinate the mentioned environmental factors with minimum use of energy. The iSii-software enables greenhouse companies to easily manage climatic processes like heating, screening, ventilation and lighting. For this application data selection from greenhouse sensors, interpretation of these values and adjustment of respective actors is necessary. A challenge in the implementation process was the usage of different protocols between process computer and control units. The iSii process computer uses Ethernet while the sensors for e.g. sunlight and growth light plus the actors like greenhouse lighting communicate with CANopen.

A reliable and cost effective solution for such applications is the EtherCAN/ARM7 from EMS Dr Thomas Wünsche. The CANOpen sensors and actors can be connected with the device using a SubD9 plug. The EtherCAN/ARM7 transforms CANopen messages into Ethernet packages and vice versa. This enables data transmission between the iSii process computer and the sensors and actors, which are deployed all over the greenhouse. Si-Kwadraat is the Dutch partner company of EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche and provides on-site support for Hoogendoorn Growth Management. This company has longstanding experience with CAN based automation techniques. They can be contacted at info@sikwadraat.nl.


Ethernet/CAN-Interface EtherCAN-CI/ARM7

The Ethernet/CAN-Gateway EtherCAN CI transmits data between a CAN network and Ethernet systems. As an universal CAN-Interface with an Ethernet interface, EtherCAN CI is independent from internal data busses and thus can be used with a variety of diff…