CAN in Crane Technics
For Demag Cranes, a world market leader for industrial cranes, a high crane uptime is essential. Demag Cranes service technicians use EMS Wünsche CAN/USB interfaces to analyze crane data and manage maintenance dates.


CAN in Crane Technics

As the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial cranes and crane components, Demag Cranes offers a wide range of products and services and solves all material flow, logistics and drive tasks – for companies of all sizes. Demag has developed the Inspection Diagnostic Application System (IDAPSY) to ensure high system availability. IDAPSY is a system for asset management, diagnostics and optimization. It is used for the comprehensive analysis of operating data such as remaining lifetime, functionality of protective circuits and reading of error messages. Additionally it is used for data management. Many crane components exchange their data via CAN. IDAPSY interprets the record of this data and gives the plant operator concrete advice like to antedate a service appointment.

The Demag service technicians are equipped with a CAN/USB interface CPC-USB/ARM7 produced by the company EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche. It allows the technician to establish a connection between the crane and IDAPSY to read both current and stored data. The export of these crane data enables the documentation of events during the entire operating time of the system. Based on this data IDAPSY can inform the service technician in detail about system problems. Following this information service assignments can be planed in time. This is one reason for the high uptime of Demag systems.


CPC-USB/ARM7 is a CAN interface for USB ports in a compact and robust metal housing. Due to easy handling and favorable price CPC-USB/ARM7 is suitable for configuration and analysis of CAN systems.

CPC-USB/ARM7 is equipped with a Cortex M3 microco…