CANopen at EMS

CANopen protocol support for CAN Interfaces from EMS


EMS is supporting the CANopen protocol in taking part in different workgroups with CANopen as theirs subject. We are also giving support in getting your CANopen network up and run and help in developing CANopen applications. Beside that EMS offers products – hardware and software – supporting the CANopen protocol.


We are involved with some of the CiA workgroups (WG) and CiA special interest groups (SIG). These groups are:

  • former WG Higher Layer Protocols
    • CAL was standardized here in 1992
    • (The current specification of CAL LMT is based on a recommendation of EMS)
  • SIG CANopen
    • This special interest group is developing communication profiles for CANopen based on the results of the ASPIC Project.
  • SIG Distributed I/O
    • This special interest group has developed the CANopen device which provides analog und digital Inputs and Outputs.