EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche Partner Companies


Image: Traquair Company LogoTraquair is a privately owned engineering company, formed in 1991 and incorporated in the state of

New York in 1993, and a specialist supplier of real-time products and services for industrial and

commercial applications. Areas of specialization include single & mixed architecture embedded

computing solutions, signal processing, FPGAs,analog and digital interfacing, and industrial

connectivity solutions. Involving CAN, Traquair offers an extensive range of CAN products

and services for the industrial and automotive markets, in partnership with EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche.

From off-the-shelf PC interfaces and networking infrastructure,to device and system level solutions,

Traquair is able to satisfy almost all CAN related requirements. Optional services include network

design, integration and support of Higher Layer Protocols, semi- and full-custom hardware,

software, and system solutions.


Image: Port Company LogoSince 2000 Port GmbH is a close partner of EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche.

Port develops software for CAN/CANopen,PROFINET,Ethernet/IP,

EtherCAT and Ethernet POWERLINK. In this business area customers often

need reliable hardware to their respective software solution.

The strenghts of EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche and Port supplement ideally.

Practically this often leads to development of application related CANopen software

on EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche interfaces through Port.