CAN Fiber Optic Router SBR FX

CAN Fiber Optic Router SBR FX

is a fiber optic router, which transmits data between CAN networks using optical fiber distance of up to 15 km or up to 40 km.

Special Features

CAN Fiber Optic Router SBR FX

  • Optical fiber based Ethernet/CAN router for the connection of CAN subnetworks
  • Powerful 32 bit microcontroller Samsung S3C4510B with CAN controller SJA1000
  • Abrogation of the extension/datarate restrictions of the CAN bus
  • The CAN typical error handling mechanisms are preserved
  • Optical fiber extensions up to 15/40 km possible (2 different device types)
  • Adaptation to higher layer protocols (e.g. SafetyBus p, CANopen) using specific firmware
  • Rail mountable


CAN fiber optic router SBR FX transmits data between CAN networks using optical fiber. To achieve the connection two devices are linked back-to-back. The transmission protocol used on the optical fiber is the reliable TCP/IP protocol. The use of TCP/IP abrogates the length/datarate restrictions, the typical error handling mechanisms of CAN are preserved within the single subnets. Depending on the type of the device, extensions up to 15 km or 40 km are possible.

SBR FX includes a Samsung S3C4510B (ARM7 core) with 50 Mhz clock and a Linux operating system. In addition, the device has 16 MB SDRAM and 2 MB Flash. The connection to the CAN bus is done by a CAN controller of type NXP SJA1000 which supports the CAN protocols 2.0A and 2.0B.

The use of Embedded Linux as operating system allows the development of application specific software for SBR FX, an application development kit is separately available. 

Ordering information

Equipment / Variants


SBR FX-15000/RMD

CAN Physics: high speed

Structural shape: Mounting rail

Protocol: CAN

Transmission: Fiber optic cable

Range: 15000m

SafetyBUS p: Is getting supported


SBR FX-40000/RMD

CAN Physics: high speed

Protocol: CAN

Structural shape: Mounting rail

Transmission: Fiber optic cable

SafetyBUS p: Is getting supported

Range: 40000m


Technical Data

Layout and Connection

SBR FX includes a CAN segment connected by a D-Sub 9 male plug. The power supply of the device is achieved by plugable terminals with 4 contacts. For configuration purposes a RS232 interface is provided. A pair of single mode optical fibers (9 µm) are connected by LC plugs

Limiting Values

Storage temperature-25+70°C
Operating temperature0+50°C
Supply voltage-100+36V
Voltage on bus connections-30+30V

Any (also temporary) stress in excess of the limiting values may cause permanent damage on SBR FX and other connected devices. Exposure to limiting conditions for extended periods may affect the reliability and shorten the life cycle of the device.

Nominal Values

Current consumption (running idle)n.s.80200mA
Supply voltage202436mA
Optical damping (SBR FX-15000/RMD)n.s.13n.s.db
Optical damping (SBR FX-40000/RMD)428n.s.db
Admissible fiber length (SBR FX-15000/RMD)n.s.15000n.s.m
Admissible fiber length (SBR FX-40000/RMD)n.s.40000n.s.m

All values, unless otherwise specified, refer to a supply voltage of 24 V and an environmental temperature of 20 °C. Fiber length specifications are valid for fiber damping of 0,55 dB/km without additional patch panels.

Scope of Delivery

  • CAN fiber optic router SBR FX
  • User manual

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International Sales

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