CAN Physical Layer Analyzer CANwatch

CAN Physical Layer Analyzer CANwatch

is an analyser supporting easy error detection during installation and operation of CAN networks.

Special Features

CAN Physical Layer Analyzer CANwatch

  • Fast recognition of installation errors
  • Preventive diagnosis allows increase of system availability
  • Scanning of the analog signal and evaluation of the signal quality
  • Suitable for system integrators and plant operators


CANwatch is an analyzer supporting easy error detection during installation and operation of CAN networks. CANwatch judges the analog signal on the bus and detects errors like e.g. invalid levels, overshoots, slow slopes and short circuits within the signal lines. Besides the diagnosis of problems during installation CANwatch offers the possibility to detect signal deficiencies below the level causing failures. This allows preventive error detection and thus an increase regarding the availability of automated systems. Errors on the physical level of the CAN bus cannot be detected by protocol analyzers and could until now only be analyzed by specialists with expensive and bulky hardware. Due to the easy diagnosis and display with LED’s CANwatch offers fast detection and correction of errors also to installers and plant operators.

Ordering information

Equipment / Variants



CAN Physics: high speed

Structural shape: Mounting rail

Protocol: CAN


Technical Data

Layout and Connection

The bus interface is realized with D-Sub 9 connectors complying to the CiA standard DS-102.

Pin Name Function
1 n.s. Reserved, do not connect
2 CAN_L CAN data line (dominant low)
3 GND Ground
4 n.s. Reserved, do not connect
5 n.s. Reserved, do not connect
6 GND Optional ground
7 CAN_H CAN data line (dominant high)
8 n.s. Reserved, do not connect
9 Vcc Supply voltage

Limiting Values

Parameter Minimal Maximal Unit
Storage temperature -20 +80 °C
Operating temperature 0 +60 °C
Supply voltage -100 +35 V
Voltage on bus connections -2 +7 V
Admissable power consumption (at 60°C) n.s. 2000 mW

Any (also temporary) stress in excess of the limiting values may cause permanent damage on CANwatch and other connected devices. Exposure to limiting conditions for extended periods may affect the reliability and shorten the life cycle of the device.

Nominal Values

Parameter Minimal Typical Maximal Unit
Supply voltage 10 24 30 V
Current consumption n.s. 40 n.s. mA

All values, unless otherwise specified, refer to a supply voltage of 24 V and an environmental temperature of 20 °C.

Scope of Delivery

  • CANwatch
  • User Manual

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