CAN Windows Runtime Kit (WRK)

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CAN Windows Runtime Kit (WRK)

CAN Windows Runtime Kit (WRK)

includes an installation package for Windows 7/8.x/10, Drivers, the CAN Bus Monitor proCANtool and a User Manual.

Special Features

CAN Windows Runtime Kit (WRK)

The Windows Runtime Kit is delivered with all orders of CAN PC interfaces. It contains:

  • Interface drivers
  • Library
  • Documentation
  • Example application
  • ProCANtool CANbus Monitor

For Linux we recommend to use our Linux Development Kit (CDLK), which has been designed to offer necessary support for this operating system.



The CAN Runtime Kit for Windows (WRK) is included in the scope of delivery for CPC products. EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche provides runtime kits for all its CAN PC interfaces within one installation package for Windows 7/8.x/10 and another one for Linux. WRK contains drivers, CPC libary, documentation and a graphic monitoring tool. Drivers contained in WRK 05.10 or older do not support CAN FD products like CPC-USB/FD.EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche CAN FD drivers have been designed to work with classic CAN Interfaces. Therefore CAN interfaces like CPC-USB/ARM7 are supported by drivers of WRK 06.00 or newer. This is also relevant for the proCANtool CAN‑Monitor, which is part of the mentioned WRK versions. 

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Runtime kit for Windows (WRK)

Protocol: CAN


Scope of Delivery

EMS offers a free, password protected download of the Windows Runtime Kit (WRK) here. If you don’t have a valid password, please contact us.

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