CPC Development Kit for Windows (WDK)

CPC Development Kit for Windows (WDK)

CPC Development Kit for Windows (WDK)

allows the development of own classic CAN and CAN FD applications for all EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche interfaces.

Special Features

CPC Development Kit for Windows (WDK)

  • Free developing License
  • Free updates
  • Free telefon and e-mail support directly from our developers
  • Common API for EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche CAN Interfaces (CPC product family) for Linux and Windows
  • Supported language: C/C++, C#/.NET
  • Support for Windows 7/8.x/10/11

The CPC Windows Runtime Kit (WRK) is included in the CPC Windows Development Kit (WDK). It contains:

  • Interface drivers
  • Runtime DLL
  • Libraries
  • User Manual
  • Sample projects
  • Header files
  • ProCANtool CANbus Monitor


The CPC Development Kit for Windows offers support to develop own applications for EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche CAN and CAN FD interfaces. For new designs it is recommended to use WDK 06.xx as it supports both classic CAN and CAN FD. It includes device drivers and a library, whose API forms the software interface to the application. Due to the fact, that this API is device independent an application can communicate with all supported interfaces. Easy source code examples facilitate starting. The common API between Linux and Windows guarantees easy portability. No royalties will arise while distributing the application in binary form due to the company bound cost free, development license model.

The WDK 06.xx supports CAN FD and classic CAN applications in contrast to the legacy WDK 05.xx, which only supports classic CAN applications. This is also relevant for the proCANtool CAN‑Monitor, which is part of the mentioned WDK versions.  Naturally a CAN FD device like CPC-USB/FD is neccessary for CAN FD communication.

EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche CAN FD drivers are backward compatible to work with classic CAN interfaces e.g. CPC-USB/ARM7.

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Scope of Delivery

EMS offers a free, password protected download of the CPC Windows Development Kit (WDK) here. If you don’t have a valid password, please contact us.

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