Ethernet/CAN Gateway EtherCAN/ARM9-900

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Ethernet/CAN Gateway EtherCAN/ARM9-900

Ethernet/CAN Gateway EtherCAN/ARM9-900

is a gateway between CANopen and Ethernet systems.

Special Features

Ethernet/CAN Gateway EtherCAN/ARM9-900

  • EtherCAN CI-ARM9-900 Version 1.0
  • CANopen Master Software from Port
  • Referring to Port it can be used as a replacment for the discontinued IGW900
  • 454 MHZ ARM9 CPU (NXP.MX287)
  • 128 MB SDRAM, 4 GB eMCC Flash
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet
  • 2 CAN channels
  • Individual galvanic decoupling of both CAN transceivers
  • RS232 interface for configuration
  • USB Host interface
  • SD-Card slot
  • Embedded Linux operating system
  • Rail mountable


EtherCAN/ARM9-900 acts as a gateway between CANopen and Ethernet systems. It is preconfigured to run Port CANopen Master Software and can be used as a replacement for IGW900.A NXP ARM9 CPU (I.MX287) clocked with 454 MHz gives enough power for these applications. The device has 128 MB SDRAM and 4 GB eMMC Flash memory. The CAN interface is realized by the two internal CAN controllers of the CPU. Both channels are individually galvanic decoupled from CPU and power supply.A USB 2.0 full speed host interface enables the connection of external peripherals like USB memory sticks or USB WLAN adapters. The module is intended to be rail mounted.

Technical Data

Layout and Connection

EtherCAN CI-ARM9-900

Limiting Values

Storage temperature-40+85°C
Operating temperature-20+60°C
Supply voltage-36+36V
Voltage on the bus connections10+30V

Any (also temporary) stress in excess of the limiting values may cause permanent damage on EtherCAN CI-ARM9-900 and other connected devices. Exposure to limiting conditions for extended periods may affect the reliability and shorten the life cycle of the device.

Nominal Values

Current consumptionn.s.100150mA
Supply voltage102430V

All values, unless otherwise specified, refer to a supply voltage of 24 V and an environmental temperature of 20 °C.

Scope of Delivery

  • Ethernet/CANOpen Gateway EtherCAN/ARM9-900
  • User manual